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  1. Is there any way I could just use the filament runout sensor part of this? Can I change config in a way the extrusion multiplier never gets changed but filament runout can still trigger? I already set max_difference: to 0.01mm but extrusion multiplier still seems to change.
  2. I recalibrated and now I get Filament dia (measured mm): 1.85878553336 Much better but still a bit off. Now I know my redesign is not good. I also have to find a more reliable way to calibrate.
  3. I did and get these values: Raw_dia1: 13101 # with drill bit 1.5 mm Raw_dia2: 13481 # with drill bit 2 mm
  4. Yes I did. Now I think..maybe only one adc pin in klipper is correct, the second one not.. I cannot find a pinout for klipper pins with skr e3 turbo anywhere. ..It's easy with all the pins with numbers, e.g. E0-Stop Pin 1.26. In klipper it's P1.26... but this pin doesn't work, says not a valid adc pin.
  5. Hello! Sorry, I cannot speak russian . I found this forum via github and I hope maybe someone can help me with my hall sensor. I redesigned it to use small MR95ZZ bearings, I had spares left from a titan extruder. With filament inserted and sensor calibrated I get filament width of 2.57124720952 mm .. it obviously should be near 1.75 mm. I'm unsure if I even connected everything right. First of all, I think the sensors work correctly, I probed gnd and both sensor pins and if I move a magnet past the sensors, the voltage changes. I have a Bigtreetech SKR E3 Turb
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